This is the end!  I packed for two weeks, said goodbye to everyone at the Chlidren’s Home and just finished a three day retreat at Clare’s Well, a healing farm run by the Franciscan Sisters.  It is simply a fantastical place, entirely secluded, forty plus acres, a perfect showcase of the Minnesota sky at night, plentiful goats, guinea hens (and their babies), kitties, a blind dog and thousands of native birds.  Nature just thrives in this place.  It was a perfect ending to the program — only I wish I finalized more things like packing and my flight back home before we went, since I just seemed to dive back into anxiety as soon as we returned this afternoon.  Regardless I am incredibly thankful for Srs. Paula, Jan and Carol for creating such a beautiful, peaceful and healing community at Clare’s Well and for letting us crash the hammocks for three days.  I know I will do my crying on the plane ride tomorrow morning and I’m eager for this anxiety to leave.  I know the morning will be hectic, or it usually is, so I’m trying to keep centered and peaceful and not let my circumstances take over.

Auf wiedersehen, Minnesota!  I learned a lot from your eccentric climate, Catholic tradition and amiable neighborliness.  I will hopefully never forget “Minnesota nice” and probably consider my self Minnesotan for the next year at least!