Here we are in the home stretch!  Amazing to think it has been ten whopping long months already — !

Today we are scouring our rooms & the volunteer house like mad.  To help prepare us Sister Clara made omelets this morning, which I need to eat more of, I decided.  I can’t remember the last time I had hot breakfast & Clara is a master cook, so omelets shot to the top of my list of favorite foods this morning.

This Thursday the Children’s Home said goodbye to me in normal fashion, with ice-cream & a big “Thank You Alicia!” poster with all the kids’ signatures & notes.

A sweet send-off

It was a sweet send-off.  My supervisor was dead set on getting a picture of me on my bike that I rode to my placement everyday, and we decided to add balloons from my party — I thought it turned out nice!  We tried for an action shot, but turns out it’s incredibly difficult to ride while a dozen balloons are smacking your face.

Bike and balloons

Then we had a final fiesta with most of our best Minnesotan friends.

Minnesota pals

It’s been a fine last week.  Now it’s time to clean like there’s no tomorrow…