Who knew? I’ve seen Sister Cordy pull her hair out more times watching a Minnesota Vikings game than any other time since I’ve been here. We all gathered around the TV set this evening, dressed in whatever purple we had, to watch what promised to be the Vikings’ last winning game before the Superbowl in February.  This was the last playoff game of the season, the NFC championship, and the Vikings took on the Louisiana Saints.

Let’s just say, morale was crazy high in New Orleans tonight, since the Saints have never been to the Superbowl and haven’t played very well since Hurricane Katrina ravaged the city.  You could tell it rattled the Vikings, and every time they fumbled, the Sisters would yell at the TV, throw up their hands, walk around in circles in unrest, and more.  I wouldn’t be surprised if a handful of Minnesotans suffered cardiac arrests or stress ulcers from tonights game – it was intense!  It went into overtime, and by that point the Sisters were beside themselves.  Hilarious.  Of course, the Saints won the coin toss and were able to make a field goal within ten or so minutes.  It was a real nail-biter, and I couldn’t help but get riled up with the guys and nuns while they hooted and hollered, stood up and walked around the room and other shenanigans you’d expect at a sports bar downtown – definitely not in the sitting room of a few Franciscan nuns.

It was charming, to say the least!  Sister Loretta, however, had some sense and left the game halfway through.  She’ll be sleeping a lot calmer tonight, that’s for sure.

Witnessing the nuns get really involved in the Vikings games, right along with the guys, has been really neat this past year.  I was just watching them tonight, their faces in their hands in anguish,  and I was marveling at what a unique experience it was to see these three devout, Catholic women get so involved in the games this season.  It’s definitely been a treat!