I saw this today, and I wanted to share.  It’s beautiful. I often use sentiments like my heart breaking or softening for this or that humanitarian tragedy, especially in lieu of the past couple weeks.

Break our hearts, Lord, break our hearts. For the lives lost in Haiti, each one loved by you, break our hearts. For those who have lost family members — sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, wives, husbands, mothers, fathers — break our hearts. For those who have lost homes and belongings, who sleep on the streets, break our hearts. For the crippling poverty that afflicts millions of Haitians, break our hearts. For our complicity in the sinful structures and systems that lead to oppression and injustice, break our hearts. For the state of your creation — groaning for redemption and restoration — break our hearts. And then put us back together so that with peace, humility, and your perspective, we might work toward seeing your kingdom on earth. Amen.

If you’re not familiar with Sojourners, please visit their site.  Their efforts to promote peace and social justice in light of the Gospel – and wholeheartedly believing that Jesus is our provision in this fallen world – are fantastic and refreshing.  I am constantly encouraged by God through what they do.