The second issue of the FCV newsletter just came out! If you’d like to be on the mailing list for it, leave a comment or e-mail me and let me know. We’d love to include you. This particular issue is my first legit, writing debut (minus an entry in the poetry section of my grade school newspaper – yes, we were savvy at Patuxent Elementary); I’m featured on the front cover. Katie, our director, had me writing a reflection on my time at the Children’s Home and it took me months, literally. I kept mulling about, being lazy about it and being generally unreflective, which is not like me at all – sometimes I can be too reflective to disastrous effect. So when I finally got out all I’d wanted, choosing the perfect struggle and ideal that God had been teaching me, I was super bummed to hear that my entry was about 500 words too long. Oops. After that, of course, I lost all zeal for the project and let Katie summarize things for me into a neat 300 word reflection. I read the final version tonight to a flurry of mixed feelings, and wasn’t as satisfied with how it ended up because after all the editing, it didn’t really sound like me, nor didn’t it have the same, congruent theme I’d started with. In hindsight, I was admittedly upset about having to down-size it, I think, and the end result is not exactly how I’d like people to see my first few months at my volunteer placement. But I also realized afterwards that I can be really silly about those kinds of things and that I was really letting this article control me in an unhealthy way.

But anyway. My real reason for posting is to send out a couple links to other Franciscan blogs: one is our own FCV blog and the other is written by six nuns in the Little Falls community about “Living Franciscan”.

They both give good insight into what others in my community are doing, from the other volunteers here to the larger scope of Sisters who are sponsoring the whole FCV program. The last entry speaks about their particular fondness for the country of Nicaragua and what a few Sisters are doing/learning there on their current visit. Enjoy!