Last night around 5pm ET, the the poorest country in this hemisphere suffered a major, earth-shattering quake. It was a 7.0 magnitude on the Richter scale and utterly devastating.  The focus of the disaster is the large city Port-au-Prince, where officials are expecting a gigantic death toll… entire buildings shattered, collapsing on everyone and everything in them. I’ve heard that any building higher than one story – within a ten mile radius of the city – didn’t have a chance. There are also near 40,000 Americans in Haiti, and even the U.S. Ambassador is missing. Now I don’t want to paint an image of the death and suffering going on in Haiti right now; you can see and hear that from basically any news source right now, for yourself. But I do want to put some names out there. I’ve been following the #haiti trend on Twitter and in addition to the shocked and sorrowful responses from people in Haiti and here in the United States, there’s been an enormous amount of helpfulness, empathy and compassion. I’m astounded at how quickly the entire world has been unified – and God has been glorified. Here are some organizations that are reaching out for your help in rebuilding, caring for and recovering the lost in the poorest country in the world, where 80% of the population are below the poverty line. I’ve gotten links to all of these places through the #haiti trend on Twitter. Just click on the logo or link to be sent to the corresponding relief site.

And there’s many more outlets for giving out there. I definitely believe God can and will be glorified through all of this. I’ve already witnessed it! I challenge you to do what you can and give anything, your resources, your heart, your time, anything, just respond. It’s my prayer that the Haitians know that they are supported and loved by their fellow creation.