Confession: I like me some Twitter. Openly though, this is mostly because I am hugely concerned with how people perceive me and this is just another brilliant outlet for me to make sure that friend of my friend is seeing me in the best light.

But I also like it for a substantially less selfish purpose; it allows me to blurt out my concise ideas without a necessary blog to go along with it.  You know, the small things I think about day to day.  If I am tasting the best dang coffee in the city of Saint Cloud at this moment, I can share that with thousands of people on a whim and not feel obligated to attach a full-fledged review of their Arabican vs. Columbian beans, or the precise smoothness or flavor of the coffee in question.  This cafe offers a quite delicate blend of mountain roast with a hint of pencil shavings and smoked goat cheese… No, I can simply state that I am having one delicious mug of joe and leave it at that.  With Twitter, no one expects more. I love that.

Funnily though, I find that my thoughts tend to be Tweet-esque, very short and concise, sometimes with a sharp nugget of meaning thrown in. Through out the day I will think, ‘Wow, that would make the world’s most awesome Tweet.’ Not even kidding. Perhaps I’m subconsciously looking for things in my life to Tweet about that might make me look more well-rounded, more amazing. I think that is why I’ve been so disinclined to blog this past month. It has been a few weeks, and it is definitely not because of lack of happenings or intriguing ponderings. It’s because I only think in Tweets, not blogs, and because I am lazy and don’t want to think of an entire blog to go along with my itty bitty, 140-character idea. My oh my.

I hope that for my blog’s sake this changes… poor thing is gathering dust.