Praise God Almighty, I am home at last!

Okay, stealing a well-known catch phrase from the period of emancipation might be a little overkill.  But still, I am overwhelmingly happy to be home, with my family, dog and warm weather.  I’ll get to see some good friends in the next week or so and I’m grateful.  I’ve been looking forward to this time for a few weeks now, and I can’t describe how good it feels to see everyone.  Not necessarily to be home, or here in Calvert County.  It doesn’t hold many fantastic memories for me and I’m not wholly fond of it to put things mildly!  Although since I lived here it seems the entire place has changed multiple times  – with my mom’s consistent distaste with the state of things like the wall coloring or sofa arrangements – it is still a place that holds bitter thoughts and lack of growth.  Maybe that’s for another post.  BUT I am giving my thanksgiving to God for the precious moments from the past 24 hours, like walking out of the airport to a balmy near-40 degrees, seeing Dad and Rachel across the lobby at the security gate for the first time, Rachel and I running in slow motion to collide in a very poetic hug in the middle of said lobby, our pup Jasmine being ridiculously pumped to see me in our driveway, and my first sleep in my warm, familiar bed.

This week will be filled with cleaning, cooking, decorating (Mom left the whole tree for me to decorate… how nice), and buying Christmas gifts.  Oh, and sending out super late Christmas cards to my friends because I’m a huge bum and kept putting it off.  Joy and her beau, Jack, are coming up from SC on Christmas Eve.  We’re getting a family portrait taken, even with Jack, even though he’s not part of the family… but he and Joy have been talking about marriage, so I suppose it’s okay.

I am missing Minnesota, the nuns and my new friends terribly already.  Sister Clara gave me a call to make sure all was okay and to say that they were all thinking of me!  She left a sweet message blessing me and my family and I shared it with my folks.   I may not have made it to the coast if it weren’t for their prayer all day yesterday; there were lots of complications thanks to the blizzard over the weekend.

I’m so joyful to be home!