It is incredibly ironic to me, how my travel plans have worked out this holiday season.  For weeks I’ve been pretty overwhelmed with the cold here in the Midwest, not to mention the hectic Christmas season at the Children’s Home that feels more like 72 hours than just 40 hours a week – all of it adds up to a lot of holiday ho-hums, and about two weeks ago I was more ready than ever to hop on a plan and fly back to the east coast.  When we got our second blizzard, I started longing for Southern Maryland, where entire school systems shut down with the tiniest threat of rainfall.  Seriously.  It’s wonderful.  I began referring to home as the “tropics”

Fast forward a week or two:

That is a picture I found of some undisclosed location on the east coast.  Even North Cackalacki got feet of snow in some places. Ridiculous!

It seems I can’t get away from this white, fluffy crap.  No offense, Minnesota.  I’m just not used to your Wintry Wonderlandy ways.  But oh, was I hoping to go home to some warmth and green grass!

Oh well, at least it’ll be a white Christmas.