So here we are, at the end of the millennium’s first ever decade. Along with this milestone of sorts is a gigantic compilation of lists, mostly things like “top albums” or “top films of the past ten years”. They’re all fun to see and I love that feeling of recognizing and enjoying all that has already been approved by a slew of music/film experts. It feels good to be validated, to be honest.

On that note, here is the latest  “top 100 films” list, and of course I have seen less than 30% of all of them, except for, quite randomly, the film in the number 1 slot. It’s one of those outrageous French films with a favorite of mine, Juliette Binoche, called Cache. It means “hidden”. Basically what happens is this family gets stalked and finds videotapes of their house/goings on left on their front porch from time to time. There’s a terrible suicide in it that probably scarred me for life. My friend Melodie and I started watching indie, foreign films about once a week together in college, and this was one of the first ones we picked up randomly from our library’s collection… It’s creepy, violent and mostly incomprehensible, and neither of us were sure what to think. Neither of us thought much of it afterwards and I haven’t thought of it until now. Of course now that it’s the number 1 film of the last decade, I’m feeling pretty good about myself, seeing as it was never mainstream and I saw it before everyone was recognizing it as genius. So, that’s neat, and my ego is having a field day!

That said I can’t believe that “Knocked Up” is deemed better than a gem like “Lord of the Rings”. Come on, really? What do you think about the list?