Today I went to the Franciscan mother house in Little Falls to volunteer at spaghetti supper fundraiser they were having for their music/arts program. I always love traveling up there to see all the nuns, all of whom remember me explicitly, know my name, embrace me and sincerely want to know what I am up to and how the volunteer experience is treating me. So I was already in a good mood by being surrounded by such a joyful community, when just as I was about to leave, in front of the musicians who were serenading the diners, a couple of the nuns began to break it down. Let me type that again. Two of the nuns just got up, feeling the rhythm, found a clear space by their table and just broke it down.

I squealed with delight, which I don’t do very often, or publicly in a room of observers – but they were just as entranced as I was. It was that precious.

Such special moments like that are just few and far between I feel, and so I just stood and took it all in and felt all bubbly inside. I had witnessed a spectacle rarely seen by those outside the Sisterhood… like seeing a mythical creature you never thought existed. A unicorn, perhaps. You can’t believe your eyes and yet, it’s happening, right now, right in front of you. Two Sisters having a ball on the dance floor. How’s that for rigid Catholicism?