If I want to get a flu shot through Catholic Charities this year, I’ve got to pay a $24 fee. Technically I’m not a paid employee of the Children’s Home, just a full-time 40hr+/week volunteer, so that disqualifies me from receiving a freebee. Yikes. I suppose it makes sense, as paid employees are also covered under Catholic Charities’ health insurance plan, but still… I’m a volunteer. Which means I don’t get paid. Yet I’m serving the Catholic Charities at a full-time capacity. It stinks that the ones who can’t afford to get a flu shot are the ones charged… even if those persons are working just as much as paid employees. And I’m not the only one in this position at CC. I mean, $24 is a big chunk of the stipend I get each month. But I suppose it’s worth not getting the flu, which is more viable this season than it’s ever been in my lifetime, even though I’ve never gotten it before… but can you blame me for being frustrated?

Yet, I’m reminded of how by making the move out here to live with nuns in Minnesota, I made a commitment to living also in solidarity with the poor.  Not being able to afford a flue shot is definitely a circumstance millions in the country are in right now, and so I am blessed to even have this option presented to me so conveniently.  Counting my blessings.