So, the Sisters and us volunteers took an official Myers-Briggs exam to determine all of our personality/character types, so that we could better understand and relate to one another and minister to each others needs more effectively. I have barely warmed up to my own, which is ESFP, or according to the world of Myers-Briggs, an “exciting entertainer” or “the performer”.

I think it’s a testament to my personality that I absolutely do not like taking these kinds of exams and yet at least twice a year I end up taking one form of them or another. Maybe that’s just my desire to figure myself out like all young people… but reading the official description for ESFP I don’t agree that I “create a mood of ‘eat, drink, and be merry’ wherever I go, and around me life can have a continual party-like atmosphere of gaiety.” But I DO agree, for the most part, on the individual letter preferences.

Extrovert – I find that I’d much rather be IN community than out of it at any given moment – but it depends on who is in the community. When there is no one I know around, I’m a clam. Getting to know my co-workers, supervisors and all the at-risk kids here and getting to a point of comfortable discourse has been one of my biggest challenges, um, ever. I don’t think I’ve ever been in such a new place that I didn’t know a single person, except my first year of college, which doesn’t really count because everyone is in the same boat.

Sensing – is totally on the dot, since I am hugely detail oriented and abstract theories or ideas make me intensely frustrated. Case in point, the first week at the Children’s Home when I had little parameters for what my job entailed. Being left to my own devices leaves me scrambling.

Feeling – I was on the fence with this one, but mostly my decisions have a personal input, rather than objectivity. But that’s largely a female thing, I think.

Perceptive – Yes, yes and yes. I think I scored a 33 on this one. I keep my options open, never making judgements until someone or something else initiates them. I don’t plan nor am I goal oriented, and a full calendar makes me depressed.

Truthfully, am totally biased when I’m taking these exams, I remember the things I want to remember and rather than answering what really is truthful, I answer what I desire my life to be like. That’s probably why it took me about an hour to answer some 70 simple questions about how I react to this or that scenario. I couldn’t decide which answer was right for me. So maybe the ESFP personality of ‘living life to the fullest’ is not necessarily the best description of who I am but rather who I want to be. I know that I don’t like being put in some analytical box, with some old psychology questionnaire determining my whole person in just a few descriptive paragraphs. Maybe that affirms my sensory preference??