Here at the Children’s Home, there are so many different characters… some are ridiculously quiet but sassy when provoked, some are loud and proud but open and respectful. Add smart, hilarious and genuine. These kids surprise me every day. I think I came to work for the Home with lots of expectations/judgments about their character or how they’d act. Boy, have I gorged on humble pie since then!

One kid was called a “gentleman” in class today and another girl sharply replied “There are no ‘gentlemen’ here. He isn’t gentle at all. Nor is he a man!” And there was a matter-of-fact attitude about it that made me laugh out loud.

Today was a day to set schedules in stone, and I’ve been given more tasks to complete, which is what I want. Give me something to do, and I’ll do it. I told them that, especially in the beginning, I’d probably flourish in being the intern that makes coffee runs rather than someone who’s involved in the kids’ treatment from the start. My favorite thing so far has been getting to know the kids one on one, while walking, gardening, slapping out clay and so on, so that’s what I’ll be doing for now. Tasks in the morning, spending time with individuals in the afternoon. It’s so nice to have smaller parameters around my job. I’ve learned quite a few things since moving here to MN. Most of all I think I’ve realized just how detail oriented I am, and noticed how frustrated I get when left to my own devices.

My dear friend Amy gave me some really sound Truth the other day, reminding me that my life is not my own, and that essentially I am here – on earth, in this volunteer program, at the Children’s Home – for God and His service. So all those qualms I had about working here, being upset over my lack of skills or feeling overwhelmingly frustrated, were all kicked into perspective. Gotta love Truth!