There was a fundraiser bike-a-thon along the famous Lake Wobegone (as in A Prairie Home Companion) trail all day today, for Catholic Charities and more specifically the Children’s Home where I work. I was actually pretty pumped about it, even though it was 36 flipping miles long. I was looking forward to the challenge. I borrowed a racing bike and helmet and everything. It was gonna be sweet… and then I woke up today and the single thought of being on a bike for more than five minutes made me want to hurl. I pretty much retreated to my bed all day today and struggled to keep things down. I guess you could say I was pretty ‘woebegone’ about it all. Haha.

But let me tell you, the next time I am deathly ill, I want to be surrounded by nuns. Today was amazing because the Sisters were incredibly attentive to my needs (ginger ale, hugs, encouragement, etc.) and they acted like grandmas. Even though they never had children, the spirit of motherhood is alive and well within them.

PS. More flickr photos uploaded!