Packing. It’s gotta be on my top ten list of things I hate to do right after getting into car accidents or getting my hair caught in fans. Dang it, that seems to happen a lot.

But at least with packing, as compared to unpacking, you’re looking forward to some ultimate destination. That’s the only thing that makes it a leaf more exciting than unpacking.

I’ve been scrambling around these past couple days trying to make this transition to Little Falls a smooth one. That’s snowy Minnesota for ya. That also means lots of online shopping at, parkas, weatherly shoes, long underwear… and of course some system that would get a year’s worth of belongings into one or two small suitcases (I’m flying out there and there’s no way I’m paying fifty bucks for an extra bag).

The Avett Bros are helping. I’m also trying to figure out amiga time, and there may be a trip to the beach today. The Chesapeake Bay isn’t as glam as Myrtle Beach, but it gets the job done.

Listening to: “I and Love and You” by The Avett Brothers