I know I’m not the first college student to flip out over paying back all those bank loans, so that helps. But it still stinks. I’m trying to defer my college loans for the time that I’m working with the Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls. It’s a non-profit, so it doesn’t seem like getting my loans deferred would be a big hassle. But oh… how wrong.

First off, the program only lasts for 10 months, and there’s a minimum time requirement of a year for the request to be considered. Then there’s the fact that obviously, this is a religious organization. Even though conducting ceremonies or services is not part of my new job description, the entire program/ministry has religious motivations. So that’s two fouls.

Then there’s my health physical… of course the Sisters need to know from a professional that I’m in good health. But without my father’s health insurance, basic physicals are really pricey. Any tests are about 15 bucks a pop. How can I afford this? It seems all the money I made this summer is going quickly down the toilet. And it’ll go faster if it turns out I can’t get my loans deferred. Yikes.